How to get moving?

3 free simple steps

Post your load

Use our exchange to advertise your dedicated load to thousands of verified haulage companies and owner drivers.

Receive bids

Get estimates and real-time bids from our extensive list of fully insured and accredited haulage operators.

Connect directly

Choose the haulage company that best suits your needs and connect directly. The result? A more transparent and efficient working relationship.


With clear, upfront pricing and unrivalled visibility, you will always have the information needed to make the right business decisions.

Real-time Updates

Other exchange benefits include GPS tracking and communication of incidents direct from your chosen haulage company.

Trusted Network

Our exchange helps shippers work with their trusted group of partners. Create a preferred network of haulage operators for your regular loads.

Time Efficient

Improve efficiency and eliminate time-consuming admin tasks with autonomous processes that put all documentation in one place.


No Middlemen,
No Undercutting,
No Third-parties.

The Mooov haulage exchange allows shippers to post their requirements and receive bids from our extensive network of approved owner drivers and haulage companies. Our bidding process is all online, so no time-consuming correspondence via phone or email. Simply review your bids and select your preferred haulage operator.

All that’s then left to do is for us to mark the bid as ‘sold’ and remove it from the exchange feed, allowing you to see the haulage company details and communicate directly. It sounds easy, because it is!


Work smarter, not harder

Our freight management systems & automated tools enable haulage operators to streamline workflows and expand capacities.

Be in the know

Our exchange platform provides full details of each load, so there are no nasty surprises about things like payment terms and loading times further down the road.

Targeted Planning

The Mooov haulage exchange allows you to reduce deadhead miles by identifying your closest loads. Adjust the filters and you’re good to go!

Deal direct

To access our haulage exchange and start your Mooov journey all you need to do is join. It is completely free to use!


Cut Through
all the Red Tape.

Our free haulage exchange simply makes everything easier! Bid directly for loads on our platform and you eliminate third party margins and price negotiations. What’s more, only you and your chosen shipper can see your bids.


You have questions,

We have answers!

Mooov is an easy-to-use, hassle-free haulage exchange and fleet management platform that directly connects fleet owners to businesses. Our aim is to ensure that businesses, owner operators and fleet owners win - not intermediaries and freight forwarders.

Mooov is a custom-built platform which allows transparent communication between businesses and haulage operators. It provides shippers with access to a network of haulage companies and owner drivers who can then bid for the work.

Anyone involved in the shipping of goods can enjoy the time and cost efficiencies offered by the Mooov haulage exchange. The whole bidding process is made simpler and more transparent whether you’re a shipper, a haulage company or an owner driver.

The Mooov network includes no freight forwarders, middlemen and consequently, no third party markups and that’s a promise! When registering on our haulage exchange, our one-time identity verification process means that we are able to control who can join and who can’t.

That’s simple! Just supply us with your contact details and a member of our friendly, expert team will be in touch in the very near future.

No. There’s no cost, no commission and no hidden obligations. Simply create your user profile and start uploading your requests.

Once you’ve submitted your job, your request for bids is sent out over the Mooov haulage exchange network via SMS or email. Haulage operators who are capable of meeting your needs are then able to respond directly via the online bidding process. At this point, you’re only able to see the carrier’s rating and the value of their offer.

At this point, our platform is for dedicated loads only.

Our haulage exchange only allows shippers to see the haulier’s details after they accept a bid. Once the live load is awarded, it is then immediately removed from the feed and all rival bids are automatically removed.

Absolutely not. We provide a neutral, online transport exchange platform and haulage management tool. We have zero involvement in any transactions that occur on our marketplace. We have safeguards in place to ensure both haulage operators and shippers are protected, but we’re not responsible for the actions of anyone using our service.

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