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April, 2021

With the Mooov haulage exchange, shippers will be able to connect exclusively to registered, Mooov verified, UK/European haulage companies and fleet operators directly.

Our unique selling proposition has been established by the firm’s decision to completely ban freight brokers, middlemen and intermediaries from using our platform. All too often we have seen intermediaries driving the rates which they pay hauliers down, to increase their own margins - things a shipper won’t see directly in their supply chain but we know happen daily. The average UK haulier (not freight broker) makes between 1-2% margin and many have no more than two to three weeks of operating costs available to them.

Unlike other platforms which currently occupy this space Mooov is completely free to use whether you are a shipper or a haulier - no hidden fees.

Features also include systems such as; shippers will only be able to see the bidding haulage company’s details once the bid has been accepted and confirmed by both parties, at which point, the load will be marked as sold and removed from the live feed. Hauliers will have the advantage of being able to see the number (not bid price) of actual submitted bids for each live load. In doing so, we are creating transparency and ensuring all the work on Mooov is live and real.

Another great feature of the Mooov haulage exchange is enforced REG-BID; i.e. hauliers will only be able to bid on a load with a verified, registered and on the road vehicle. Once that vehicle is booked (bid accepted by shipper), all other conflicting bids will consequently be cancelled - integrating planning and bidding simultaneously.

Our aim is simple: To connect businesses to local, hard working, registered, owned and approved haulage companies on a platform free from intermediates.

Early sign up to Mooov, Taran Catley of family owned haulage company, Catley Chilled Foods based in Frome, Somerset had this to say;

“Taking out the freight broker and giving haulage owner operators an opportunity to deal directly with end users would be a game changer - we won’t have to run our trucks on next to no margin. Freight brokers don’t realise that when google maps generates estimated time and mileage it’s not for a 40ft artic truck. It’s a very different scenario for us as haulage owners, you have other things to think about. Being a family run business can often mean our resources are stretched, subscribing to Mooov will open new opportunities to us with no legwork needed.”

We hope that the creation of Mooov will help improve transparency throughout the industry and give shippers and hauliers equal opportunities to form strong working relationships without the use of any intermediary.

In summary;

No freight brokers, agents or middlemen – only haulage companies with operator’s license / registered fleets will be allowed to sign up and operate on the platform.

ALL loads are live – shippers will only be able to see haulier details when a bid has been accepted and confirmed. Once this happens the load will be marked as sold and removed from the live feed.

No double bookings – hauliers will only be able to bid on a load with a registered vehicle (REG-BID). Once that vehicle has a successful bid accepted by a shipper, any conflicting bids will be cancelled.

Mandatory reviews - Trust is often an issue when choosing a new haulier (are they going to show up) or taking on work from a new shipper (am I going to get paid). With mandatory haulier and shipper reviews, user profiles can be built and ratings given - know before you go.

For more information about how the Mooov haulage exchange can become a integrated tool for your day to day business operations please contact us by email on [email protected]

Mooov , simply connecting businesses to local haulage companies on a platform free from intermediaries.