Did you know that the average UK haulier makes between 1 or 2% margin?

September 09, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has placed the UK’s vital SME sector under immense strain – including that of your local haulage company / operator. With many larger businesses being able to adapt to the ever changing regulations and circumstances you can still support local businesses even through isolation with tools such as the Mooov Haulage Exchange.

SMEs account for approximately three fifths of the employment and around half of the turnover in the UK private sector. Total employment in SMEs was 16.6 million (60% of the total), whilst turnover was estimated at £2.2 trillion (52%). With our focus specifically on the haulage industry, small local companies make up 85% of Britain’s transport market, maintaining the flow of food, goods and medical supplies

Local haulage operators provide their own lorry fleets to cover transport requirements on behalf of another company that doesn’t have the capacity to do so within its existing business i.e. a shipper requests quotes from haulage company to transport their goods from destination A to destination B – This should not be confused with a freight forwarder, middle man or agent. Over 62% of UK freight is carried by haulage operators on behalf of another company. This percentage is rising as more and more businesses look to outsource their freight.

In such a volatile environment, smaller, local businesses count on your backing in order to stay afloat; every transaction is precious to them. There are far reaching advantages for deciding to support local businesses, such as, supporting your local economy; significantly more money stays in a community when purchases are made at locally owned – rather than nationally owned – businesse

The average UK haulier (not freight broker) makes between one and two percent margin and many have no more than two to three weeks of operating costs available. Here are some of the ways you can throw a lifeline to your local haulage company by using the Mooov Haulage Exchange;


By posting your jobs to the Mooov haulage exchange you are instantly alerting local haulage operators to the work that is in the area, giving the haulage owner the opportunity to bid directly for the work rather than going through an intermediary.

We understand that sometimes trust can be an issue with haulage exchange platforms but the team at Mooov have you covered. With all hauliers being vetted prior to becoming a member we assure you that you will receive the service you are looking for. For more information on our vetting procedure please click this link.


At Mooov we understand that running your vehicles and your day to day life is already busy enough so we are here to help. Our exchange platform provides full details of each load, so there are no nasty surprises about things like payment terms and loading times further down the road. Once verified by one of our team members you will be able to start filtering out jobs and planning your working week ahead with ease. Bid on local full trailer load jobs within your area and form established long lasting relationships with a constant feed of work directly with the end user.

For more information about how the Mooov haulage exchange can become a integrated tool for your day to day business operations please contact us by email on [email protected]

Mooov , simply connecting businesses to local haulage companies on a platform free from intermediaries.