Out with the old,
in with the mooov

September 01, 2020
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Being a business owner is hard work in any industry, including the haulage industry. It can be especially hard for a haulage operator when you’re just starting out. The world we live in is constantly changing; technology is rapidly evolving, and strict driver regulations are affecting the number of hours you can work. By joining the Mooov haulage exchange you can cut through all the red tape. Bid directly for loads, eliminate third party margins and price negotiations. Reduce your deadhead miles and save time by receiving information about the loads near you as soon as they are posted.

Benefits of Mooov include:

  • • Complete transparency
  • • No middle men - Work and communicate directly with shippers
  • • Receive new load notifications filtered to suit your needs
  • • User Friendly access to all your documents, including PODs, BOLs and rate confirmations
  • • The platform can be accessed via the portal on web or app on your smartphone
  • • Improve efficiency and eliminate time-consuming admin tasks with autonomous processes
  • • Access to our support team for help anytime
Subscribing to Mooov will open new opportunities to us with no legwork needed

T. Catley of Catley Chilled Foods based in Frome, Somerset

Joining Mooov is Simple

Whether you are shipping or moving, the sign up process is easy. Your first step is to complete the relevant sign up forms, once completed one of our team will be in touch to set up and validate your account. When these steps are completed you will be ready to receive, accept and bid on all live loads.

“Taking out the freight broker and giving haulage owner operators an opportunity to deal directly with end users would be a game changer - we won’t have to run our trucks on next to no margin. Freight brokers don’t realise that when google maps generates estimated time and mileage it’s not for a 40ft artic truck. It’s a very different scenario for us as haulage owners, you have other things to think about. Being a family run business can often mean our resources are stretched, subscribing to Mooov will open new opportunities to us with no legwork needed.” said Taran Catley of Catley Chilled Foods based in Frome, Somerset.

What Are You Waiting For?

Sign up now! Mooov, simply connecting businesses to local haulage companies on a platform free from intermediaries.